First Strike - T15 2-Piece Insert Barrel

  • 2 299 kr
Freak kompatibel T15 pipa
Innehåller en .684 Freak Insert
Kompatibel med alla standard Freak inserts
Artikelnummer: 1829

Första Freak pipan tillverkad specifikt för T15 markörer! Innehåller en .684 insert.

The first ever Freak® System Compatible barrel designed specifically for the First Strike T15 is here. Sizing your barrel bore size to your chosen projectile size is Paintball 101 and now you can do so without owning 5+ barrels. Each barrel is precision machined with 7/8-20 threaded Lapco HushShot™ and accepts GOG® Paintball Freak® inserts(.684 included). This new barrel system is quiet, accurate and allows you to make consistent shots. 


  • Freak® System Compatible
  • Type II Anodized Black
  • Knurled Barrel Tip
  • Patented .684 Freak® Insert Included
  • Accepts all standard size Freak® Inserts
  • Lapco HushShot™ Included
  • Made in the USA