Virtue Spire IR² 260 Black

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Virtue's Spire IR2 magasin med större kapacitet! Ett av marknadens populäraste paintballmagasin.

Artikelnummer: 3155

Since it's  inception, the Spire has dominated the loader scene all around the  world. With the Spire IR², we've made paintball's best value to  performance loader even more durable and reliable.

  • Third  generation flexible Spire drive is soft on paint, geometrically  optimized with a 9-ball raceway to feed at high rates of fire without  ever jamming.
  • Upgraded interlocking shell design holds together on tough dives.
  • Featuring  a toolless lid for a quick change speed feed. 2-piece toolless shell  for easy disassembly, cleaning, and battery changing.
  • Upgraded toolless and more durable dual material Spire drive allows for easy cleaning of the ball raceway.

9-Ball Raceway Never Pulses Never Jams

The  9-ball raceway and 5-finger Spire IR² drive allows the Spire to feed  faster and more consistently while still being able to feed the worst  paintballs imaginable without jamming. Improved sensors remove  unnecessary pulsing and create a quieter, more efficient loader.

Intelligent Proactive 3-Eye Feeding

3-eye  feeding technology continuously monitors the paint in your loader with 3  shielded infrared eyes. Two eyes monitor the ball stack, while one eye  tracks the gap in between the stack across the entire feeding cycle,  ensuring your marker never misses a beat.

Softer On Paint

The  third generation Spire drive is constructed from a combination of nylon  and flexible rubber to feed the most fragile paint on the market. The  new upgraded Spire IR² drive is lighter, less bulky, and most  importantly, more durable and reliable.

Durable Nylon Toolless Shells

With  secure construction and durability in mind, the Spire IR² features a  durable nylon top and bottom shell that interlocks reliably every time.

Better Battery Life

The  most battery efficient Spire yet, thanks to its proactive IR² feeding  logic and optimized electronics. Combine the Spire IR with the Virtue  N-Charge battery pack to get even better performance, reliability, and  ease of use.

Quick Change Lid & Speedfeed

Upgrade  with the Spire III/IV CrownSF II or Bunkerkings NTR speed feed in  seconds. Not only can you swap back and forth from a lid to a speed  feed, but you can now remove and clean each individual finger just as  easily. Each spring finger offers the ultimate combination of feeding  performance, paint retention, and sag-proof reliability.

N-Charge & Spring Ramp Upgradeable

Plug-n-play  compatibility with the Virtue N-Charge rechargeable lithium ion battery  The original Spire Spring Ramp is still compatible with the Spire IR²,  and will ramp those last few balls back into the feeding raceway when  you shoot long strings at odd angles.