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Price Matching

Price matching

Have you found a product at a lower price in another shop? Then you can always give us the chance to match the price. Go to the product you are interested in and click on the "PRISMATCH" link above the Buy button, and you will be taken to our contact form. Submit the link to the product you found cheaper, and we will do our best to match the price you found.

We are happy to match all kinds of prices but be aware that shops abroad may have different VAT/tax rules that we have to take into account.

You will need to fill in your email address and a link to the same product being sold cheaper so that we can check this and contact you when it is ready.

We will do our utmost to match all normal prices but as you will understand there will be occasional prices that are on promotion, cap prices, from abroad etc that we will not be able to match. But always try and we will give you an answer as soon as we can.

There are two requirements for us to make a price match.

  • It must be exactly the same product.
  • The product must be in stock at the store where we will match the price.

It is also important to know that all price matches are made manually by our staff before purchase. So we do not make any matches afterwards.