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Indoor Paintball

Hypersports Paintball isn't only a store selling paintball equipment, we also have one of Sweden's few indoor arenas for paintball, which is also the best indoor arena in Sweden! During the colder months of the year, we run drop-in games every Sunday.

The arena is run by us under the Spelapaintball.com brand and welcomes closed groups, teams who want to practice and those who just want to try it out. Since the course is indoors, regular paintballs cannot be used. We therefore use so-called "reballs" indoors, which are reusable rubber balls. Everything works just like outdoor paintball, except for the smudge, of course. The feeling is the same.

Our indoor field is an excellent option for the younger talents, as we welcome children from the age of 8 who want to try paintball. Unlike other facilities in Sweden that do not accept children, we have made sure to have specially adapted equipment to be able to let children play! They then receive a lighter marker and protective equipment.

The Arena is located in Farsta, in the same building as our office. You can go to us both by subway and commuter train. At the back of the building there are also lots of parking spaces so you never have to go and look for a parking space. Prices and information can be found on the Spelapaintball.com website. Do you want to play? Click here to book your game today!