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About us


Hypersports Paintball & Event AB
Mårbackagatan 31
123 43 Farsta
VAT Number: SE556574933901


+46 (0)8 39 11 77

History of Hypersports

Hypersports was founded in 1999 and has since then been active in the Swedish Paintball scene. It all started in the paintball shop we had in Enskede, Stockholm. This fulfilled its purpose, but after many years in a too small room, the decision was made in January 2012 to move the business to Farsta, Stockholm - where we to this day have our office. The shop in Farsta was closed down in 2021 to focus on our online shop.

Since then, the web shop is undoubtedly Sweden's largest and most well-stocked in paintball.

Since the early 2000s, Hypersports has existed as a well-functioning e-commerce with many satisfied customers throughout the country. Our range consists of all the most popular brands available in paintball, and also some self-made products that are sold under our own brand.

However, Hypersports does not only sell paintball items. In addition to our e-commerce, we have Stockholm's largest outdoor and indoor facilities for paintball and we run Games2U, a rental service for many different types of activities. With these operations within the company, we can offer a complete solution for all those who live or stay in Stockholm when it comes to their paintball and event needs. Our indoor track is located in the same building as our office, while our outdoor track is located in Jordbro, Haninge outside Stockholm.

Idea & Vision

Our basic idea and vision is simple. We want to promote paintball, and offer a complete experience in the paintball world. Therefore, we have invested heavily in making an impression on the Swedish paintball market. We work to ensure that the Hypersports brand is associated with low prices, good quality and excellent service.

We at Hypersports also strive to have the best quality of products. Therefore, we only sell the equipment we know works and keeps good quality. As a customer, we know that it is not fun to buy products that break. It is not only the quality of products we are looking for, we also try to be the best when it comes to the buying experience and customer support.