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Umarex - Hellboy Revolver TR 50 / HDR 50 (.50 Cal)

  • 118.87 USD
  • 90.32 USD

Umarex's "Hellboy" T4E TR 50 / HDR 50 Revolver is an imposing paintball pistol. Perfect as a side-arm during Magfed paintball games.


Article Number: 1106

The HDR 50, nicknamed the "Hellboy", is a paintball revolver which has found it's home among many paintball players. The revolver uses .50 cal paintballs, and works perfectly as a side-arm.

The rotating magazine holds 6 rounds of .50 cal paintballs (and is also compatible with .50 cal FSR), which is fired at up to 7,5 joules. The revolver uses 12g CO2 cartridges to shoot, which are placed inside the grip. The grip is covered in a nice texture which gives you better grip of the pistol. The pistol also has a safety feature to prevent shots from firing if you ever drop it.