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Killhouse - CTR Stock - Tippmann A5

Killhouse - CTR Stock - Tippmann A5
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CTR Stock hjälper dig så du kan få sikta stabilare.


The CTR Stock Black by Killhouse Weapon Systems is the perfect tactical upgrades or replacement stock for your Tippmann A5. The CTR Stock is fully adjustable with 6 lengths to choose from. Not only is the CTR Stock quick and easy to install, but it also features an enhanced shielded and easy to use operation lever. Combine this with the rubber shoulder brace to stop your stock from slipping when you fire and a comfortable cheek mount and you have the perfect stable, lightweight stock. 


  • 6 points of adjustment
  • Adjustable to most other stock inserts
  • Sling loop
  • Rubber shoulder brace
  • Shielded operation lever 
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Mer information

Tillverkare Killhouse Weapon Systems
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