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Virtue - Elite Harness 4+7 - Graphic Lime


Virtue - Elite Harness 4+7 - Graphic Lime

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The VIRTUE Elite pack is lightweight, comfortable, durable, and packed with features. The Stealth Ejector system reduces the profile of your pack immediately after a pod has been pulled. This allows for a tight profile while maintain the smooth action of the ejector system no matter what size pods you use.

Each pod holster is lined with airmesh to protect your paint, reduce rattling noise, and increase the chance of a bounce. And the pod holsters features minimal hard plastic liners, so you can slide your pods in with ease, but most importantly, compress them when empty, to add an additional bounce factor.

For maximum comfort and bounce free performance, the Elite pack features a large friction pillow pad, surrounded by performance stretch fabrics and neoprene. This allows the Elite harness to mold perfectly to your body and stay in place no matter how hard you run or dive.

Use the zipper sealed pocket to stash your rain lid, wallet, tools, phone, keys, ID card, etc. during game play. The compartment is placed between the pod holsters and the back padding for safe, comfortable use. Keep your essentials on you at all times!

Key Features

  • Stealth Ejectors
  • Compressible pod holsters
  • Phone, Keys & Wallet Stash Pocket
  • Removable Patch
  • Friction Pillow Pad
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn't Bounce
  • Compact Design
  • Works with all pod sizes
  • Holds 4 +7 pods

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Virtue - Elite Harness 4+7 - Graphic Lime

Virtue - Elite Harness 4+7 - Graphic Lime

Virtue - Elite Harness 4+7 - Graphic Lime

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