First Strike - T15 A1 Carbine Airsoft Rifle

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Artikelnummer: 223

Den revolutionerande markören T15 - nu som Airsoft gevär! Kommer med ett luftsystem i stocken, så du slipper ha en stor lufttank och remoteslang. Tillverkad av tålig aluminium som låter dig dominera på stridsfältet oavsett väder.

The revolutionary T15 A1 Carbine Airsoft Rifle is a first of its kind, a air on board high pressure airsoft rifle. With an included  First Strike 400psi 13/3000 Tank/Stock there is no need for large bottles to slow you down or remote lines to get in the way, the proven mechanical system has a shot count of 650+ rounds per fill (13 cubic inches @3000psi). The body is a durable aluminum die-cast construction with a tough TYPE III anodized finish.  Adjustable  Mechanical Full Auto(5-20BPS, no batteries required)  allows you to dominate the playing field in all types of weather.

Personalize your T15 A1 to your style of play – the First Strike T15  A1 Carbine Airsoft Rifle accepts multiple “real steel” parts so you can adjust your game play.


  • Functional Spring-loaded Charging Handle
  • Hi-Cap AEG Magazine
  • Safety Marking Tape
  • 13ci 3000psi Aluminum Tank
  • Manual