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Virtue - VIO Contour - Graphic Storm

Virtue - VIO Contour - Graphic Storm

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Världens kanske mest anpassningsbara mask, med flera hundra olika alternativ för att få just den looken du vill ha!

Obs! Linsen på maskens produktbild kan skilja sig från linsen som levereras med masken.
Hypersports kan ej ansvara för om masken levereras med en lins som skiljer sig från produkt bilden. Är du ute efter en specifik mask och är osäker på vad för lins masken levereras med, vänligen ta kontakt med oss.


The Virtue VIO Contour™ is the most comfortable paintball mask ever designed, featuring a quick change, fog resistant thermal lens, and an innovative versatile design that allows the player to easily change out every aspect of the goggle – from the face mask to the foam, ear pads, goggle strap, and lens.

  • See More – With a large field of View
  • Better Comfort – Soft dual layer foams
  • Breathe Easier – With maximum airflow
  • Hear Clearer – No echoing
  • Speak Louder – With more venting
  • Most Customizable – Goggle Ever

One size doesn't fit all. Not only are we all shaped different, but we have our own preferences and our own style of play. Which is why Virtue, the leader in goggle and loader technology, offers different size goggles and different size loaders. Find out which VIO is right for you.

What is different on the VIO Extend?

  • Larger Size: The Extend offers more coverage than competing goggles, while still being more streamlined as well. The Extend isn’t just longer, but it offers more room around the mouth and jaw line as well to provide ultimate comfort and protection.
  • 100% Flexible: Unlike the dual material Contour, the Extend is made from 100% elastomer, which gives it the classic flexible fit players love. The flexible Extend will easily mold around your gun or tank in tight positions and even offer a bounce or two.
  • More Comfort and Better Airflow: By sitting further off your face, the Extend's airflow is improved dramatically over the Contour’s already impressive array of venting. With every breath or gentle breeze that passes by, you’ll feel the distinct flow of air through the Extend.

What is different on the VIO Contour?

  • Dual Material Colors: The Contour features dual materials, which combine flexible and hard plastics for a combination of flex & rigidity, but also allow for some awesome multi-color combinations.
  • Low Profile Design: Tight to the face, light weight, low profile design keeps the goggle compact, while still offering protection to the ears, face, and chin.
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Mer information

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