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V-Force - Grill - Samurai

V-Force - Grill - Samurai

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Vforce masken är tight, lätt och ser grym ut med sin unika design. Grill masken är Vforce top of the line mask. Enkelt att byta lins. OBS! Färgen på linsen som levereras med masken kan variera! Vi kan ej garantera att masken levereras med samma lins som på bilden.



The V-Force Grill Paintball Mask is the perfect balance of comfort and protection. The V-Force Grill goggle is a player favorite for its luxurious mask foam and flexible ear, allowing all day wear without discomfort. The combination of semi-rigid and softer rubber molded facemask create a mask that protects the face from impact yet encourages that lucky bounce. The aggressive-looking ventilation holes allow constant air circulation for easy breathing and voice projection. The stylish Grill lens features an easy to use quick change system for fast lens cleaning and swaps and the mask foam is can be quickly changed out to a fresh, clean foam for renewed comfort. Try a V-Force Grill and you will see why it is the choice of pro players worldwide!

  • ProVisor - Sun and rain protective visor
  • Integrated VFlector - Built-in forehead bounce panel for added face and lens protection.
  • QuickChange Thermal Lens - Lens interchangeability faster and easier than ever!
  • Featherweight Comfort - Ultra-light construction for unrestricted movement
  • Comfort Chin Strap - Increased stability for a faster game!
  • QuickChange / ClickDry Foam System - Revolutionary all-in-one QuickChange Comfort Foam. Fresh, dry comfort in a snap!
  • QuickChange Strap - Close-Contact Posi-Clip strap. Stays on... guaranteed!
  • Temple ComfortPads - Detachable dual system

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Mer information

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