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(Start Package) Sniper Pack II (.68 Cal)

  • 373.71 EUR
  • 351.03 EUR

Startpaket innehållande en Tippmann TMC markör, en mask, 2st extra TMC magasin och ett luftsystem.

Startpaket "Sniper Pack II"
En Tippmann TMC markör i svart
2st extra TMC magasin
Ett 48ci Luftsystem
En skyddsmask
Article Number: 1521

The Start package "Sniper Pack II" contains the following:

  • 1x Tippmann TMC marker
  • 1x Paintball goggle
  • 2x TMC Magazines
  • 1x 48 ci air system

Note: The brand on the air system and the mask may vary.