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(Bundle) Umarex T4E Hellboy TR 50 / HDR 50 (.50 Cal) + CO2 Cartridges + Paintballs

  • 132.19 USD
  • 112.21 USD

Special bundle deal containing the Umarex T4E TR 50 / HDR 50 paintball revolver, a bag of paintballs and some CO2 cartridges.


Article Number: 1974

Package containing a HDR 50 revolver, 500 rounds of .50 cal paintballs and 10x 12g CO2 cartridges.

NOTE! Remember to never ever leave an "opened" CO2 cartridge in a paintball marker! After a game, make sure you empty all the CO2 in the cartridge, and remove the CO2 cartridge from the marker.